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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Dan Guthrie wrote:
I emailed Mr. Ayoob a few hours ago and I got this reply:

"Aikido is great for threat management and self-defense.

1. Expressly geared to work for small people against large people.
2. Impact is dependent on too many variables; the leverage that is the core of Aikido is an immutable law.
3. A punch in the mouth looks vicious to the witnesses, and can easily cause $25,000 costs in maxillo-facial reconstruction before you get into "pain and suffering." An Aikido thumb-lock leaves no artifact unless you have to break the thumb, and it looks to the witnesses as if you're helping the poor drunk to get to the door without falling down.
4. A little research will show how heavily modern handgun retention training, disarming training, and police defensive tactics (unarmed control and arrest techniques) rely on core Aiki principles.

You damn betcha I believe in Aikido. No one art is everything, but Aikido contributes a disproportionately large share of what works in most real-world situations.


I hope this doesn't open another dimension of argument here, I was just impressed he answered so quickly.

So, now it's finally settled: Aikido does work in a fight. Phew!!

Way to go Dan!! I hope some more Aikidoka start to do the same type of research. Also we have overlooked the fact that it all depends on the person, not just the art itself. My background is in Kyokushin Karate( Sensei Richard Wollicki, Spring valley, N.Y), Tang-soo-do (Master J.C Shin & Master in-ku-yu, Philadelphia, Burlington N.J), Aikido ( Sensei Baker, Sensei Peter Easton Maitland, Fl). In every one those styles, I am speaking from my personal limited experience, Always came down to the person. When I started Tang-soo -do, I sparred with a 2nd degree black belt & completely overpowered him with Kyokushin style. But after a week or so, I sparred with a 1st degree female Black belt. She kept me off my feet by sweeping & leg blocking. Her kicks had no telegraphic notion at all. Basically she soundly beaten me. And of course during my training with Sensei Baker, one of his junior instructors could not take a hard rush but others would toy with me like I was a kinder gardener in the play ground. So it all came down to the person in every time. Again it is only my experience(limited).
In year 2000 I was Flight Instructing to build flight hours to move to a regional Airlines. During that period, I have met two Flight Instructors from a friendly country. Both of them were ex shadow warriors. When I became assistant chief pilot, they revealed the fact due to a background check. Per them, Shadow warriors empty hand assassination method had only very few strike, all of those technique are from Daito-Ryu. But these few moves are drilled in such a precision & speed, will take a observers breath away. They indicated that if you are lucky enough to be a Daito Ryu practitioner, Add some ground fighting, to get away or get your weapon out, Finlay Massad Ayoobs LF1( a must). That will prepare you for almost anything in the street.
Everything that I have written so far, strictly from my personal experience & encounters. Thanks

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