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Re: Deepening Our Training

Perhaps I am thinking along the same lines as Lynn after reading Logan and Kevin.

To be able to look for something to improve upon each and every time you exercise a rep, such that it remains new each time, you have to know there is always something to improve upon. To always know that there something to improve upon, you have to know that you will never attain perfection or mastery. To know that you will never attain perfection or mastery, especially within a practice that has lasted decades, you will have to have a very strong foundation in humility (non-attachment to ego).

On the other hand, however, one also requires what has been called a kind of "spiritual audacity" - that trait that enables one to chase after perfection or mastery nonetheless.

Working off of Lynn's post mentioning "mind," I think it is wise to also have the right kind of focus. For example, you have to practice each rep for the sake of each rep. Your practice won't be too continuous if you practice each rep for the sake of something else - like rank or title or privledge, etc. In other words, to practice continuously, you have to focus in on that which has no end (and perhaps no beginning). You have to focus your attention on the universals of the art - not getting caught on the temporal or material trappings of the institutions that are necessary for that art to be transmitted through culture.

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