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Smile Boy I goofed

Peter and Jun,
I guess what I said came across rather harsh. I have actually spent a lot of time researching Japanese terminology from a etymological point of view (I carve hanko), so I was less interested in people seeing my question as something posted by a beginner needing clarification of terms. The example of training Jun gave as relating to animal training is exactly what I wanted. I just didn't want someone saying "Well in my Japanese dictionary, keiko means...." I can do that myself. I am not, however a native speaker of the language or fluent, and that is why I wanted a more real world feel from native speakers or people who are fluent. That is the quality my research lacks, and what I want for it the most.

Rather than keep this question away from the people who can't speak Japanese or don't have a Japanese dictionary, I thought I would ask the same questions in a "training/practice" theme. I have a very specific focus on the terms (as I am a bit of a word-origin propeller-head), but I want to see what the general concensus thought of those terms.

In other words, this is kind of like a lab experiment for me, which I hope doesn't cause any further misunderstanding, or is against the rules here on the forum. I thought this would be a great way to elicit all kinds of cool information. I am not trying to publicly defend a certain point of view; I am asking for everone's input for purely selfish reasons. Even if that input is completely off base.

So with that said, could you guys (Peter and Jun and any others), uh, answer the questions.... Please? With sugar on top?

Jim Vance
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