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Chris Li
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Re: Visiting Hawaii end of April - Makaha

Michael Stuempel wrote:
Thanks Chris,

I did take a look at the Aikido Hawaii website but figured it would be better to ask online for some personal experiences. At a guess, how far is your club from Makaha?
The Aikido Ohana is a good 35 miles or so from Makaha - under an hour if you're not in traffic. That's pretty far by Hawaii standards, but maybe not that bad if you're used to Tokyo travel times. Pearl City is maybe 5 or 10 miles closer to you, I would guess.

Michael Stuempel wrote:
Does anyone else know anything about a possible Yoshinkan club in the area? Any University of Hawaii lurkers out there?
The University of Hawaii Yoshinkan group is just getting started, I think. IIRC they have Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday morning classes, but I don't know if they've actually got many people practicing yet. Anyway, UH would be even further for you .



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