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Re: Deepening Our Training

Good point Mark. I definitely think repetition, or rather an enduring capacity for repetition is key. So I guess by "deep," in this regard, I would be trying to refer to a capacity to make one's practice continuous. Perhaps we can merge our opinions on that note. That said, I agree that the "beginner's mind" (shoshin) is very relevant. But, and I think you would agree, perhaps we should make a distinction between shoshin and the mind of a beginner. The two are far from the same. In my experience, an enduring capacity for repetition is very much a cultivated state of being. In this sense, the reference to the beginner's mind (shoshin) is more one of being related to the subjective experience of introduction. Here I am referring to the virtue of being able to experience old things as if they are new (over and over again); the trait of experiencing the first time many times. So, there's the first set of questions we could ask and try to answer:

How does one learn to or become able to experience the "first time" many times?

What gets in our way of being able to experience the "first time" many times?

What makes our repetitions get old for us?

For me, the answers here would all relate to an incapacity to stay in the now.

thanks for writing,

David M. Valadez
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