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Re: Am i missing something??

Let it go Paige, it's not going to do any good continuing a meaningless argument of whether you are serious or not, only you know that. Very few here "really know you", and when you go to a forum your going to get answers from people who don't know you. That's what's great about it, you can except what is said, or you don't have to, and most will never know. It's all opinionated. You don't have to look for anymore nitpicking though, that will just contribute to continuation of this argument. Just get back to training if you want to, or don't...It's all up to you. You weren't attacked here, so you don't have to defend. Sometimes reading replies to posts can distort the original post by making it seem like something it's not, so perhaps you took the posts harshly, because someone decided to say they were harsh. Just a thought, I know I can read posts on other forums in different ways depending on the reply it gets. Just don't worry about these things and move on. Good luck in finding the answer.

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