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Re: Am i missing something??

David Valadez wrote:
First off - Paige is the one that said she doesn't take her training that seriously. Did you not catch that?

It was Paige that said her training is just a hobby for her, that she trains when she wants to and wouldn't when the want is gone, etc.
Ok you are completely putting words in my mouth.

I never once said that i don't take my training seriously. I do alot of things as hobbies and i take them all seriously. Just because I don't live my life like Morihei Ueshiba doesn't mean i don't take it seriously.

I believe what i said was "My problem really isn't as serious as some people on this forum make it out to be" or something close to that.

Should I put that in robot-talk, b/c that seems to be the only way you can understand things.
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