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Re: Am i missing something??

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
I'm sorry, Dave, but who do you really think you are that you think you have the right to judge people like this? Just because you teach aikido? Give me a break. These kinds of comments is what is setting some folks off and which at least in my mind takes away from the credibility of any statement you have to make. If you were clear enough in your statements you would not need at least three other people attempting to explain what you mean. On web bulletin boards, there is no need to go into a 5 paragraph structure to explain yourself or to hid insults like the above, because you essentially just called Paige superficial.
Thank you Anne. I think there was just as much hostility from him as there ever was from me.

And I'm sorry David that i made you mad when i said you sounded like a science book. But i seriously could not understand anything you were saying. If you like to talk that way to make yourself sound more intellegent , then go ahead, i just won't read your posts. <<< Wait!!! hold up that was a joke don't starting steaming out of your eyeballs.

Sometimes i like to joke around that's how i am that's my personality. If you can't take a joke, then you can't talk to me without getting mad and thats a fact.

So, i apologize to all the stiffs out there! The real meaning of me posting on Aikiweb was to just hear different ideas and responses and thats what i got, but apparently i made the all-too-bold move of trying to play around with people. My bad.

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