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Re: Am i missing something??

First off - Paige is the one that said she doesn't take her training that seriously. Did you not catch that?

It was Paige that said her training is just a hobby for her, that she trains when she wants to and wouldn't when the want is gone, etc. If she was truly fine with that, or if you were fine with it too, the word, "superficiality" would not be so threatening. If you want to look at something, why don't you look at why that word is so threatening to you. The word "hobby" implies superficiality, a lack of investment, etc. No one ever uses that word to refer to something serious or deep. We don't say "My kids are my hobby," for example. The problem is that most folks are not really fine with it - like I said most hobbyists aren't. So, please, give me the break. The problem is not with what I said, but that I said it out loud and clearly. Of the two of us, it is I, I am suggesting, that is more fine with folks training as a hobby.

Second, in the sentence you quote, it's clear that Paige's name is not mentioned nor that her person is being referred to in any kind of specificity. At that point, I have moved on to the generalities of the topic in question - issues that affect us all. There is nothing hidden here, certainly not insults. There is nothing hidden but for the discrepancies some hobbyists often try to hide between what they say, think, feel, and do when it comes to their training.

The reason it takes several folks to make the same point is because folks that read things often miss the obvious - for being too stuck in their own fear, pride, and ignorance to see what's in front of them. Where I come from, it says more about the reader than the writer when the reader is saying things are too "intellectual" or "complex" for them. So, please excuse me if I do not accept you as the bulletin board authority on what is proper and/or needed in terms of explanation.

If you do not want to read something, use the scroll button. You'll have a better chance of affecting your world that way than by trying to be the bulletin board police.

David M. Valadez
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