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Re: Am i missing something??

Paige wrote:
Aikido, to me, is a hobby. It's not a way of life. My religion is my way of life.

And thats fine if you want to make a MA your way of life, but you shouldn't try to impose your beliefs on other people. As far as principles go, i do still incorporate "aiki" principles into everything i do, the only thing right now is that im not physically practicing.

^^^^Your posts above ^^^^ are your personal opinions. Are they right for me? No. So, lets try not to make them fact. But you are still entitled to your opinion, and thats fine

Deep healing breaths David, let's be calm.
Well you said it yourself, to you Aikido is a hobby not a way of life, so why the fuss, why even worry? Hobbies come and go. But understand you posted on Aikiweb, so your going to get a mix of answering styles, some who treat it as a way of life, some who don't. You like what you hear, fine, you don't, fine too. Dave is giving you a different point of view to ponder on, so why not use it. I never read anything imposing in his post, all very knowledgeable stuff, and all very nicely written opinions. At least he's taking the time to write these things for you. Try not taking everything to heart, no one is imposing anything, everyone is offering advice and opinions.

Your question says it all "Am I missing something?", well sorry to be harsh, but perhaps at the moment what you are missing is an open mind... Dave's original post were not harsh, but you responses seem to be. My opinion, if you don't want to go, don't and leave it at that, trying to understand why may be too complicated.

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