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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
..... The reason we don't practice shooting, clinching, and grappling in aikido probably has more to do with the fact that those things did not communicate the message, concepts, and principles of the founder than they had to do with not being relevant or martially effective ....
Yes, I think there was something in another thread is that O Sensei dropped ground grappling because he didn't like it. Kickboxing technqies also seem to be avsent from Daito-Ryu from the looks of my copy of Hidden Roots of Aikido. To make matters more complicated, there's nothing really new in Aikido techniques -- not the joint locks, not in the footwork and evasive patterns, nothing. So if Aikido can "work" in those situations is something you kind of have to figure out for yourself, and that assumes you can distinguish something influenced by Aikido. What do you look for? I've been keeping an eye on my practice sparring to see if anything "pops" out, but with everything I do involving close range techniques and grappling of one sort or another, how would I know Aikido if I did it?

Just a few thoughts that make me crazy at night.
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