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Re: Am i missing something??

Jorge Garcia wrote:
3) I can always let everything go - tomorrow.
I think this is an important part of being committed to something actually. It's like my marriage - I know I could leave - but I decide not to, and I stick to my decision even when I feel like leaving. Which isn't often, but even once would be enough to end it if I hadn't decided to stick to it. Still, I know it's my decision and not something imposed on me, and I do have the freedom to choose otherwise, I just don't.

What I find intriguing though right now is that it's possible to commit to a certain level of practice, and it's difficult to change that. I'm not even thinking about quitting aikido, but I find it difficult to increase the amount I train, even though I feel like I'd like to. "Like to" and "want to" aren't just very powerful motivators in the face of any slight difficulty...

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