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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Am i missing something??

I agree with everyone-on different points. My own experience is that I have trained in Aikido continuously for 11 years with no more than a 2 week break three or four times. I have been injured and I have had back problems (semi serious) but I have trained through all that carefully and am whole and healthy today.
I have been burned out many times and have gone from burnout to burnout. Burnout no longer means anything to me except ashes on top of ashes.
In the first four years, I was excited, learning and going to class to 4 to 5 times a week. From years 5 to 7, I experienced burnout every week. I handled it by skipping the days I felt more burned out and going the days I felt less burned out. I averaged 2 days a week during this time period. Once a month, I would take a week off from Aikido practice to empty out my barrel of ashes and the next week, I returned to picking the day I felt less burned out and going to class that day. In 2003, I started my own dojo and everything went back to happy and excited.In 2005, I started a second dojo and in 2006 my 3rd dojo. My hours of teaching went from 17 a month to 65 hours a month for the last year. I always try to train with the students myself and try to leave as sweaty as the others. I feel great and look forward to every class. I have assistants teach about 10 of those hours for me and sub for me whenever I need it.
I guess three thoughts have always dominated my thought about this.
1) I never plan to quit completely
2) I think this activity is good for me on many levels so I am going to do it.
3) I can always let everything go - tomorrow.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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