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Originally posted by Karl Kuhn
The Dai-Yon is (Nage-no-kata included) is my favorite kata right now. I highly reccomend that everyone take some time and sink their proverbial teeth in it. There lay great rewards. Really, I can't get enough of it. As an intersting aside, I thought the emphasis placed on the Nage-no-kata @ Shodokan to be very important and enlightening. That kata does not get the matt time it should in most US dojos. My guess is that this will soon change.

Hi Karl,

Nice to 'meet' you, I've read quite a few of your posts here and there while I've been either lurking or trawling through archives.

I've been practicing the Dai Yon (although my instructor uses the name 'Nage-no-Kata' to mean all 25 techniques, rather than just the first 14) a fair bit recently, and I've been really enjoying it too.

It strikes me that the Dai Yon embodies a lot of the principles that traditional aikido emphasises. Someone from an Aikikai background walking into the Shodokan dojo where I train would probably see us as a relatively 'hard', linear kind of style. But then along comes the Nage-no-kata, and there are all those big, flowing, circular techniques (especially in the Ura section) we dont practice quite so often.

Of all katas though, I think this is a '25-year' kata, the way that people talk about ikkyo being a '25-year' technique. Man is it difficult to do well. I'm pretty new to the Ouyou part, and thats really boggling my brain at the moment!

When you're whipping through it, especially as Uke, I find it to be quite an aerobic workout too. (But then my ukemi could probably be rather more efficient, ah well, practice, practice, practice.. )

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