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Re: Am i missing something??

David Valadez wrote:
I say to learn to move beyond interest, motivation, want, and the such. This stuff is only there to get us in the door. They are like the tip of a spear - when all the thrusting power comes from what's backing it up. Figure out what backs up what. In my opinion, no practice can survive if it is based upon interest, entertainment, motivation, want, etc. These things are fleeting, they change with the wind and with the planet even, etc. If your practice is dependent upon these things, eventually your practice will halt. Why? Because eventually these things always halt themselves. .

Ok... so you're saying i should force myself to do something i don't want to do at the moment? Ok, thats fine when it comes to having a job, or getting school work done, or going to church, but hobbies, or sports?

No, see that never works. Been there, done that.

David Valadez wrote:
I say real training has nothing to do with wanting to train. It's about doing what needs to be done because it needs to be done - like breathing. You inhale, you exhale - or you don't, never again.

Well, i can't help that i breathe. My body does it on its own. My body doesn't do Aikido on its own. My mind has to tell it that i want to do Aikido. And right now my mind doesn't want to tell my body that.

And like i said, It's not that i'm totally not motivated. If i had lost interest completely then i wouldn't be here doing this right now.
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