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Wink Re: Kotegaeshi in practice

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Michael Fooks, sounds like your experiences are similar to mine with BJJ. All my guys I work with get taken out by kotegaeshi usually at least once or twice by me. I then teach them to keep their hands in and elbows bent and don't reach for someone.

When I go to submission matches where wrist locks are legal, one of the first things I will do is to "bulldog" , push, or check into my opponent to see if they will extend arms. Wrestlers seems to always do that! From there I have done usually kotegaeshi, sometimes sankyo, and once I got Ikkyo for a takedown.

It is amazing, like you said, to see them look in utter shock and disbelief that they got tapped in about 20 seconds from a fricken wrist lock!

Again, you only get away with this once, on the first guy, then you have to go back to the hard stuff!
Yep that all sounds about right. I also get katame waza type pins on people from time to time (after all it's just omoplata done with the arms right). And when starting from knees going head to head a type of tenchi nage works very well to take people down - not tried it from standing though. Heck I even got a kaiten nage on someone from knees the other day.

Our budding BJJ org went to our first comp a few weeks ago. A couple of my guys who also used to train Aikido with me (to shodan and ikkyu level - although both were more than ready for the next grade), ended up meeting each other in the semi final. I was very saddened when they resisted my suggestion that they spend the first two minutes putting on an Aikido demo to see if the ref could keep track of the takedowns and then just go from the ground.

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