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Dennis Hooker
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Re: Using your centre during training

I know it sounds hokey but everything starts with the center. Before you take a step or lift an arm or a finger visualize the energy coming from your center. When you walk lead with your center not your feet or shoulders. When you turn start from the center. When you eat, brush your teeth, tie you shoes, open you car door start the action from you center. From an Aikido context try and always align your center with your hand or arm when grabbing, parrying or striking. If grabbed or struck at always use the center to parry or respond. Use the hand and arm as an extension of the center. Clark Sensei has a wonderful saying "the hands are connectors not affectors" all of your Aikido comes from your center the hands and techniques, the hips and feet are for control. When you move on the mat the center should remain stable and float not bounce around from side to side or up and down. If you tie your belt about two inched below your navel the knot represents the union of the top half and lower half of the body. That is the center and the knot should serve to remind you of that.

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