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Mike Sigman
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Re: Using your centre during training

Mark Freeman wrote:
I keep wondering why we have to work at it for so long?
It's because we've spent our entire life making our bodies a "stable tower" from which we move our arms, so the source of our arm power is really from that tower:

In "moving from the center" we're trying to change the source of our power from the ground (through the center control point):

or, for power downward, from our weight (this is simplistic, but it'll do):

Of course, to learn to do that takes concentration and you want to do that, as Ignatius points out, fulltime in your daily movements or your body will never accept the idea that you're trying to change over your sources of power. That's the reason why weight-lifting is simply counter-productive when you're trying to learn to move from your center.


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