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Re: Using your centre during training

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:
now that you mention it there's a Mike Sigman quoted in that book.
Land Sakes!.... you mean there's two of us???

The difficult part is not always "moving from the center"... that's fairly easy to do. If you imagine someone standing in the middle of an empty square room with bungee cords coming from the corners and hooking onto his obi/belt.... he can move back, forward, sideways, at an angle, push up, squat down, twist, etc., and let his center be the point of power that is moving against the bungee cords. No sweat. However, if you think about, to stay 'relaxed' he's essentially just letting the legs and hips do the work and power that the bungees would feel if they could feel.

The problem comes when he tries to use his hands to push or pull or raise or lower or whatever. Ideally what he wants is somehow to sort of make his center power be in his hands. So the real trick is connecting the center power to the hands/arms as purely as possible. If he resorts to his normal instincts, he'll unconsciously stick his shoulder power in there, thus diluting or robbing his hand/arm movements of the pure power from the center. It takes a lot of practice and attention to "keep your center in your hands" without resorting to the shoulders and it takes quite a while before you're successful at it. A slow fune kogi undo, trying to keep your center in your hands is a good start, IMO.

My 2 cents.

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