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Re: "Self-defense" or Something Else?

I wrote
What if OSensei was like the fool who persisted in his folly? What if his realization was ... that ... warfare was not a valid path.
- well, i wrote and you cropped.

Erick responded
As to O-Sensei's abandoning martiality as he got older -- I do not see this in the demonstrations of his irimi techniques
You misunderstood me. So let me ask again - Can aikido be fully about the warrior arts AND fully about acheiving global concern and compassion?

Dr. Kano of Judo taught the same message. I did not start in 'sport' judo as it is dismissively called. I studied with respect to Kano's message which is very close to OSensei's. I went to class one night a few weeks after being brutalized by one parent while the other looked on. (Specifically, my right testicle was crushed, and my father smiled while he ground his heel in.) My teacher, an old woman at the time, told me that "Judoka do not kill". She saved three lives that night - each of my parent's, and obviously mine, from what would have resulted had I retaliated that way.

I protected them, and it later almost cost me my life. Now I train to not see my father every time I'm in conflict. It's a tough road; the bastard won't stay buried!



ps. i know this is intense, but every story has it's
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