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Re: Using your centre during training

Stephen Adams wrote:
... how do you concentrate on centre when training.
I'm assuming then you know where your center is?
So what techniques do you use to focus on your centre while training, do you try to suck in and tense up your centre before starting a technique?
"Tense up?" I don't. In my style, one might hear "move from the one-point." This doesn't mean to shoot your hips out and let everything else catch up. It really means to move with your whole (mind &) body as a connected unit. Think of balancing the end of a jo in the palm of your hand, where your palm is the one-point or center, and the jo is your upper body. If you just move your palm (center) without any thought of the jo, the jo will fall. However, if you just work on keeping the jo balanced, you can eventually walk around the room without dropping the jo. This kind of thinking works for me. The key, I've found, is to first find my center and I guess you could say, establish it ... balance my upper body on that point ... let the thought go (more or less), then work on moving my entire body with that connection.

Not sure if I've made any sense. It's best to have this shown and felt. I'm still working on it, of course.

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