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Marc Kupper
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Re: Watch Out for Aikido 'Shihans'..........

James Kelly wrote:
ASU also lists new dan promotions on their website annually. (But it doesn't really help if the person you're looking for hasn't tested in the last year.) I agree, an aikikai wide, or an organization wide list of all active members above, say, 3rd Dan would be good, but it may be too much work.
I agree that some organizations posts lists of recent promotions. Something that would not seem like "too much work" would be to start a new web page for each year. For example, the current year can be Promotions.html and at the end of this year you'll rename it to Promotions-2006.html and start a new Promotions.html for 2007. If you keep the page layout consistent then someone could then import the pages into a database or spreadsheet to look for trends.