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E.J. Nella
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I agree with Ledyard Sensei. The philosophy of Jeet Kune Do is paradoxically like Aikido and the dramatic opposite. Like Aikido in the fact that you learn what skills from which Martial Art works best for you. If you can't kick well then don't. Find what works for your body shape and your mental/spiritual disposition and use it. It is the exact opposite of Aikido because the philosophy of Bruce Lee was "Jeet Kune Do is the art of fighting without fighting." But wait, you say, we can and probably have said that about Aikido. Where it differs is Bruce thought that if a physical altercation was imminent, it is best to start the action. He figured that if he could get in the first punch or combination to stop the fight without any attack getting back through was the best defense. There is no fight if the "defender" takes the initiative and stops the fight before it starts, usually with violence that will injure the opponent. (I hope I explained that well!)

As a kind of interesting aside, as an Aikidoist trying to use the concepts of JKD in practice doing a little what they call "Flowing practice" (Jiyu Waza) I had to pretend I was initiating the action as if using JKD in a "real life" situation. I could not immediately come up with any Aikido technique to start the drill. I had to use JKD. Once I got started though and the person receiving my attack tried to counter or just started moving some spontaneous Aikido popped up to my great satisfaction. I am really enjoying the cross training in JKD. But like Ledyard Sensei said, it is very difficult to find anyone teaching it, let alone someone good. I consider myself lucky.

So Oren, good luck!!

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