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maybe I should have put this thread on the training section..
anyhow Sure the sensei is the head at our dojo and we are kinda like prophets who helps senseis teacings to be spread ( in the dojo out side the dojo I never give any form of instruction unless sensei says so which is never ) anyhow, Mat teaching and having your sensie tell you show such person basics are very different in my opinion.

mat teaching usually accurrs when you are a partener with someone and your both trying to learn what sensei just showed you, or somthing and one of the partners takes on role of sensie without senseis consent at all. which is usually wrong because they usually dont know the stuff them selfs. at our dojo we have a girl who came in about 1 mounth ago and i already a big mat teacher. she is about 12 years old and she has even tried to teach someone else something which she was didnt have a clue about ( kote-gashi.) luckly sensi came in to the rescue and showed both the right way.. but it is unsettling.

Having your sensei tell you to show basics or something to another student is different because: your sensei told you to "teach" and you already know what the other person is learning. Always my sensei tells us to show something that we have already tested on and have showed sensei that we do in fact know the tecq. it is the senseis call. and sure sensei does come for some polishing on both parties but the person who is learning from scratch has the skeliton of the throw at least.

this is my opinion ca might not like it nor or others but its what ive been learning by! gotta go grade papers ( Teacher aid in drivers ed they have been watching a grueling videio on drunk driving with lots of blood wich why I am on the comp!.)

Dallas Adolphsen
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