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Re: "Self-defense" or Something Else?

Erick wrote:

I believe that only those who can make war, can also make peace. A man who cannot make war, cannot make peace.
I would tend to agree with you at this juncture of human development/evolution. We must be able to defend ourselves in order to buy the space/time/distance etc to produce "pockets" of peace.

However, to me, this is the paradox of the situation. We can preach the peace through superior firepower motto all day long, but we will still have unbalance and discord to by those that don't have peace.

In the end to have "true peace" we must learn how to be interdependent and have a deep understanding of compassion...that can only come from love.

Once we reach this state of peace in the world, then there is no need for weapons and strength...but of course this is all theorectical right now, and then again, the aliens will invade us at that point
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