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Re: weapon training for lower ranks

Koren Ko Jen Foo wrote:
Hi there, I just wanna know, how long does it takes you to learn and accustomed with the basic weapon technique?

I mean, from the start of your weapon practice class until you had felt you can wield a bokken pretty ok.

Well. You do one or two bokken classes, and you feel like you're doing ok, because you know where the hands and feet go, and can do a shomen and a yokomen, and maybe one or two blocks. That's OK for a couple more classes, then it all falls apart as you try to work on the finer points. Then, if you're even the slightest bit dyslexic, you might suffer months of confusion doing kumitachi.

In my experience, feeling like you can do something "pretty ok" comes and goes in waves over the years. Looking at other people, someone who does frequent and regular (twice a week or so) weapons practice can get to a point of reasonable profficiency in a year or two. But, everyone is different.

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