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Re: Using your centre during training

Stephen Adams wrote:

I've been training in Aikido for a couple months and I know that your centre is very important in Aikido, but how do you concentrate on centre when training.

I find that when I'm trying to perform a technique if I try to concentrate on my centre my either my footwork suffers or my arms flap around.

So what techniques do you use to focus on your centre while training, do you try to suck in and tense up your centre before starting a technique?

Confusion is a common problem in the early days Stephen, relax dont try too hard. Certainly don't tense up anything. As you learn the footwork and hand movements, and practice will make them more natural, you will be more able to relax and naturally move from your centre.
Rome wasn't built in a day, aikido is not mastered in a short time, relax and enjoy your practice.



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