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Re: weapon training for lower ranks

Amir Krause wrote:
We start with Jo, and start teaching suburi (hit to head, then feet then zuki). We then go on to teaching practical Jo exercises (reaction of Jo weilder to attack with another Jo) and only then move on to Jo Kata (Korindo first Jo Kata has 7 parts)& Jo Tai-Sabaki and in parallel - Jo Randori. At some point during this process, the boken practice will be added to, going in the same flow.
Later, at BB level, we also practice Jo Vs Ken (Mostly by attention to the Kata, but we have done some Randori in the pathis way too). But at this stage, the number of weapon sand traditions (Koryu Kata origins) is growing rapidly.

Those who teach weapons from the start, use the weapons practice to teach movement.
One can expect to be slopy and weird when holding a weapon he is not famlir with (unless one is famlier with a similar weapon).


Hi there, I just wanna know, how long does it takes you to learn and accustomed with the basic weapon technique?

I mean, from the start of your weapon practice class until you had felt you can wield a bokken pretty ok.

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