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Re: Kotegaeshi in practice

I used it in quite an inoffensive situation once; a drunk girl was arsing around with a big knife at a party so I gently took her hand and used kote-gaeshi as a 'knife removal' technique - very slowly.

I know an ex-instructor used it instinctively when he was stopping someone attacking a woman; he was suprised that the attacker was actually thrown through the air.

Also, a friend of min who studied ju-jitsu used it on an aggressor and damaged their wrist (as in previous post - in this case it was a very linear form but still effective).

My top 3 tchniques for effectiveness (with high level of aggression) = ikkyo, irimi-nage and kote-gaeshi. Noticeably, all these can be done from the outside as well (i.e. not exposing yourself to other arm).

---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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