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Re: "Self-defense" or Something Else?


You express yourself well. I have occasional outbursts of concisely expressed wisdom, but can't predict when they will happen!

Do you think aikido can be fully martial and fully something else?

A young Tomiki student trains with us. He is a great guy. He said "Martial art is about learning to fight, not being enlightened." I replied, "What if they are the same thing." - We both had a good chuckle over my bit of canned Zen.

What if OSensei was like the fool who persisted in his folly? What if his realization was like the end of the movie 'War Games', where the super computer sought all possible solutions and realized that global thermonuclear warfare was not a valid path.

"Train hard" we say in my dojo. Are we right? Am I just another windy pundit? (Please say no!)

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