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Re: Stirring the pot

Originally posted by jimvance
And if you think this is a lot of questions (I can put the bright lights in your face if that helps), I appreciate any feedback. I am actually doing a bit of a research project and think that this forum is a great way to gather information. Thanks Jun.
If you want to throw in your two cents worth about the translations of the words, fine, but I am really more interested in everyone's opinions and stories. You know, YOUR experience. Dictionaries are boring.
The problem as I see it (pontifical hat on) is a tendency to take a word and run with it. Doesn't happen here too much with English words as we are all constrained but what we know and what we know others know. Take a Japanese word and all of a sudden you have meanings attached to it that would make any Japanese speaker go Nanni?

The base for any discussion is the meaning of the word whether from a dictionary or a native speaker. A personal spin is interesting but I read the above as saying its really not important what the word means just what you want it to mean. That somehow doesn't sound right to me.

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