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Re: "Self-defense" or Something Else?

More about the darkside. You will run into many that believe that it is not necessary to explore or have knowledge about the negative, darkside, evil, violence etc in order to have peace and harmony.

Many fundamentalist religions develop structure and rules to avoid this, because they believe exploring them or entaining these things harms you. (it might if explored for the wrong reasons or too intently or deeply).

To me, this creates an interesting paradox. Many construct walls and barriers to avoid things that they don't consider to be "good", moral, or positive. The ignorance creates fear...which fear creates hatred!

So in the end avoiding the "darkside" only draws you in deeper!

I think is is fundamental to martial arts. We have a methodolgy for exploring violence in a constructive way in order to better understand it and reduce the fear around it, which allows us to expand our knowledge of how to better influence peace and harmony!
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