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Re: "Self-defense" or Something Else?


Thanks for the interesting thoughts. I think you are close, and my misgivings with total agreement are linguistic, egoic, my own lack of understanding, or maybe that you are talking only from one side of Yin/Yang. Tough for me to tell.

I don't agree about the symbol. Put the war god back on the shrine -make it more gruesome still! Then put another symbol - that of warrior as protector. Make the biggest symbol - humility. Warrior as servant.

Re: "Darkside" discussion - I think this is a strong intuition as to where O-Sensei's mind was, and what he intended for his art and those who practice it to dwell upon. Creating a desire, indeed, almost a joy, (after one is comfortable with the flow of strong attack) to enter aggressively into conflict without first provoking the killing rage to drive it -- that is the art, harnessing the force behind such rage, instead of loosing it unheeded or simply stopping it up in fear. It seems to me that it is the joy of love, not of play, nor in idle exercise, but of abandonment of self for Other, wedded to the same dangerous power that rage can also channel, which allows us to what we do in the best of our art.
No. Entering a violent stream one is calm and Receptive. I do not think OSensei entered aggressively, ever, once he realized who he was. I think you are looking for something much simpler than what you said.

You speak well though. I appreciate this opportunity to disagree.

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