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Re: Am i missing something??

8 years in for me, and I find myself in the same position; sure there have been several low spots along the way, but nothing as sustained (3 months) or as deep as this one. Perhaps it's my two children (2yrs, 3mths) + lack of sleep.

Are you asking about how to regain interest or how to get back to training? I used to think they were so closely related as to be almost the same thing, but now see them as separate; related, but separate.

I was included in the instructions given to my Sensei by his Sensei in Japan four years ago; "If it's Tuesday and there is class, go. If it's Friday and there is class, go. Just go and do Aikido when it is time, and when it is not, don't." ~ maybe this can help you. And when you figure it out you can tell me!

Go. Train. Enjoy.

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