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Re: Watch Out for Aikido 'Shihans'..........

This has all been mentioned in a thread that came up a while ago. I may have posted that "wanted notice" here. As I said before, in 1995, Dan was wearing a white belt and had no rank to my knowledge. His teacher told me at that time that Dan didn't believe in testing. When my teacher, Hiroshi Kato, 8th Dan form the Aikikai Hombu Dojo was in Corpus Christi in 1997, Dan came to the seminar and watched but I was told by three of his students who attended the seminar that Dan had proclaimed to them that they should not attend Kato Sensei's seminar. I wonder why? They came anyway. Look for my previous posts on the subject.
I know Hector Chavez. He is my sempai and was an outstanding aikidoist.He was a lot better than Dan was in 1995 but I know Hector isn't claiming a 5th dan today!

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