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Re: Kotegaeshi in practice

Michael Fooks, sounds like your experiences are similar to mine with BJJ. All my guys I work with get taken out by kotegaeshi usually at least once or twice by me. I then teach them to keep their hands in and elbows bent and don't reach for someone.

When I go to submission matches where wrist locks are legal, one of the first things I will do is to "bulldog" , push, or check into my opponent to see if they will extend arms. Wrestlers seems to always do that! From there I have done usually kotegaeshi, sometimes sankyo, and once I got Ikkyo for a takedown.

It is amazing, like you said, to see them look in utter shock and disbelief that they got tapped in about 20 seconds from a fricken wrist lock!

Again, you only get away with this once, on the first guy, then you have to go back to the hard stuff!
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