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Blush! Keep my new Tozando gi?

I've just received my new Tozando gi (deluxe model, AG-600, size 5L) and pants (also deluxe, AP-500, size 5L).
I'm 187cm (6 ft and 2 inches) and weigh in at ~100 kg (~220 pounds).

I'm now a bit worried if this gi is too large:
* Sleeves are (just) covering/reaching my wrist line, arms down.
* Sleeves are quite wide.
* Legs are right on the ancle bone.

* Waist of jacket seems to be perfect, though.

The sizes are right on the spot according to schemes, though.

* Is it "OK" or...?
* How much will this type of gi shrink?
* How much *can* I make it shrink?

Best regards,
Steen Suder,
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