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Ki Symbol Re: Stirring the pot

Originally posted by jimvance
Do you see your endeavors in Aikido as primarily doing "training" or primarily doing "practice", or is there a ratio between the two? Why? (Justify your answers.)

And for those Japanese speakers who are familiar with the terms:
How do you look at Aikido in regards to "keiko" and "renshu", beyond the superficial applications of a study period (such as a Judo keiko) or an exercise (again Judo, "Tandoku Renshu"), if at all? Do you apply deeper (or more complex) meaning to the terms in your own practice?
Jim Vance

Renshu: implies something mechanical and which can be done in a solitary fashion (e.g. calisthenics)

Keiko: implies more than one person, and learning/improving is involved

In the school where I practice Jodo, my teacher's teacher doesn't like the word "practice" and prefers that we use the word "training." Apparently, he feels that professionals have a practice (e.g. doctors) and training is what goes on in the dojo.

Personally, I think of practice as something that I can do on my own, but training means working with other students--and an instructor.


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