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Tongue Re: Aiki Doh's

Oh, so many wonderful doh's! You've had me roaring with laughter when readin this thread!

Some of my doh's:

#1 One of my fellow aikidokas had just passed his 3:rd kyu exam and came to the dojo the next day and was going to wear his hakama for the first time. In the dressing room I saw a little white tag sticking out from his hakama and asked him if that should be on the outside. He looked at it, and then at me with a face filled with gratitude! "What if I had gone out on the mat, wearing my hakama inside out!?!". He took of his hakama turned it so the tag ended up inside instead. When we get onto the mat someone suddenly points at his hakama and says "Should the seams be on the outside?", he looks at his hakama and a horrid expression crosses his face. I look at his hakama and start laughing uncontrollably while trying to explain to all the others why he had his hakama inside out. The funniest thing of it all was that I realised in that same moment that we all would remember his first day on the mat with his hakama -- inside out!

#2 Our sensei takes pride in using me as uke for all techniques that involve pressing on pressure points, since I'm very sensitive to them. When ever I hear him say yonkyo my arms start to twitch. But this day, the day after I had passed my 3:rd kyu exam and was going to be uke to sensei for the first time, we were doing some ryokatadori techniques. There are some of them where you hold the shoulders and nage goes down behind you and lifts up your legs (don't remember the name right now), and suddently he said: "But if uke presses nage down, there are several other options, like this" and he promptly lands one of his nuckles on my foot, in that little space right above, and between, two of my toes. It hurt like hell and I fell over on the mat, screaming like a little girl (no offense to girls, but my voice was really, really high pitched!). And I who really tried to look cool and macho in my new hakama! Much amusemed ensued from the onlookers!

#3 The #2 story has been told in our dojo many times, so almost everyone has heard it. Well, 1 year after, on another seminar with our sensei, we were doing suwari waza techniques. He is saying something like "And then you can also do this!". I'm looking at him, perplexed, because he had not indicated what attack I should be using, and he just motions me forward. I hear people start chukling, but I'm still oblivious to what comes next. When I slide forward, what does he do? He plants his nuckle on my foot! And down I went, screaming in the same high pitched voice! Oh how the people roared in laughter!

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