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Stirring the pot

Here's another question for everyone (thanks for the posts, by the way):

Do you see your endeavors in Aikido as primarily doing "training" or primarily doing "practice", or is there a ratio between the two? Why? (Justify your answers.)

And for those Japanese speakers who are familiar with the terms:
How do you look at Aikido in regards to "keiko" and "renshu", beyond the superficial applications of a study period (such as a Judo keiko) or an exercise (again Judo, "Tandoku Renshu"), if at all? Do you apply deeper (or more complex) meaning to the terms in your own practice?

And if you think this is a lot of questions (I can put the bright lights in your face if that helps), I appreciate any feedback. I am actually doing a bit of a research project and think that this forum is a great way to gather information. Thanks Jun.
If you want to throw in your two cents worth about the translations of the words, fine, but I am really more interested in everyone's opinions and stories. You know, YOUR experience. Dictionaries are boring.

Jim Vance
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