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Dan Gould
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Grading advice

Hello, everybody, damn it it's exciting to be back

You may all remember me... I was the coward who quit aikido about a year or so ago, a couple of months after starting, due to illness and general fear, really.

Well, I'm bloody back. I more or less dislocated my shoulder on my first lesson back, but hey.

Anyway, got an email from my sensei about a week ago to say that even though I've had a year out, my time then and now combined, I qualify for my first grading.

Problem is, my mother's just had two operations (to remove an abcess and a hernia, if anyone's interested), and can't take me anymore, and my brother's not always available (tonight he chose to go to his recording studio for the night rather than take me ), so I need to practice some techniques as best I can on my own.

So I was just wondering, for those who could help, what's a likely syllabus for a first grading in the shin gi tai style aikido?

I'm expecting people to reply to say not to practice without a black belt present to guide me, and I'd be reinforcing potentially incorrect technique, etc, but I really just wanna practice a little more because I'll be missing some lessons over the coming weeks :s U just wanna know if I'll just be expected to do the first, say, four techniques, from a standard first form position, or more techniques, first and second position, with movement, etc, what?

Anyway, thanks, guys, I just don't like surprises, I wanna know what's likely to happen if I possibly can.

Also, if anybody's out there in Wales who could come practice with me, that'd rock too.
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