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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Jon Reading wrote:
I appreciate that everyone has a right to train in aikido if they choose, but if a pre-existing lifestyle excludes a potential student from participating in aikido as taught by the dojo, why should a dojo change their instruction? What right does one person have to demand accommodation over the instruction of an instructor or a dojo?.
No one has demanded anything, so far as I can see. The original post was about a request for an accomodation, which is quite a bit different than a demand. Given that every dojo I've ever trained at makes some kind of accomodations for students, a polite request is hardly out of line.

Jon Reading wrote:
There is a fine line between accommodating a reasonable request that does not significantly impact the atmosphere of a dojo, then there are requests that significantly impact the atmosphere of a dojo. I think that is very important to maintain a clear distinction of what requests your dojo is willing to accommodate, and what requests your dojo is not willing to accommodate.
Sure, but as I said before, I think that people are exagerrating the burden of accomodating this particular request. Still, every dojo has to decide for themselves.

Jon Reading wrote:
No, there is something about our culture and "accidents" that makes for an irresponsible society in some respects. The original post is about a student's religion that prohibits them from female contact. So my question is why is this student tempting his decision to avoid contact with females by deliberately participating in an act that almost certifies contact with a female at some point in time? My original post was perhaps too subtle. This student is deliberatly creating an environment to encourage an "accident." And guess what, if an "accident" occurs, guess who will be blamed...
As has been stated before, accidental contact is not the issue. People with these religious restrictions live and work with women all the time - they're not placing themselves in an unusual situation, or in a situation of unusual "temptation".



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