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Re: Aiki Doh's

This past weekend I went to the Spring Seminar at Cornell University. It was a good class, but after ~3 hours of training, I may have been more tired than I thought I was. Plus I went to the party Saturday night. I live 20+ miles from Ithaca, so two round trips in one day works out to almost 100 miles worth of driving. That's half way from where I live to New York City. And after I got home, I stayed up until 3 AM, mostly surfing the 'net.

Sunday, just when I got down there, I found myself slightly nauseous with a headache; I've recently learned that's a sign of fatigue, since I sometimes can push myself when I don't feel tired. So I left my stuff in a locker and went upstairs to watch. When they broke after 45 minutes, I decided I was sick of watching and would participate in the last half of the class; I would rest if I got tired. I went down to the locker room, got my back pack out of the locker, and realized I could not have trained if I watned to. Why?

I'd forgot my gi pants.

I had the jacket and the belt, but I'd forgot the pants! Even more incongruous, my MA uniforms are on hangars in my house's laundy area; I had looked RIGHT AT the pants and hadn't even thought of taking them down!

Maybe on Sunday morning, I was still pretty tired.

But I probably won't make THAT mistake again! (There are others, I'm sure.)
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