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Re: Suwari waza

Hi tristan,
The dojo I train at here in America does a lot of suwari waza, but it's a pretty traditional dojo from what I understand. I find if I do it regularly and stretch well before-hand, I don't get knee injuries. Suwari has helped me to move from my center a bit better and while for all I know it could be a relatively weak position to be in, it's fun to be a smaller target whipping around low to the ground sometimes. You certainly have more mobility on your knees than on your back or stomach, making it easier to dodge around...but finding a place that won't scrape up your knees can be tough. I can roll on pavement fairly well if it's also pretty clear, but when I've pushed off with my knees it quickly became painfull, regardless.
I like hanmihandachi for what seems to be a good exercise in learning about how to establish kuzushi from different heights and ranges.
Take care!

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