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Re: Hello...

Perry Bell wrote:
Hi Julia,

i have been practicing the Alexander technique for some time now and I think you will totally enjoy the correlation between the technique and your Aikido, to me the principle is the same, not to struggle with the move but to let it happen freely. You will close enjoy the difference it will make in your private life in the way that you see various situations, I live in Australia and study with a very well known Alexander teacher, who not only teaches the technique but combines it with his own philosophy of Aikido as well as the spiritual side of Reiki which I find to be very uplifting.

Take care and have fun

Perry :-)
Hi Perry,
Thanks for letting me know how these two practices are working together for you. So far I have found them very compatible and growing off each other. I also find it very interesting that both founders were born around the same time, lived to be 86 years old, had, of course, followers that developed slightly different styles, etc.

I felt my search for the right teacher-training course was also like searching for the right dojo. But I couldn't figure out why the students were always telling each other what to do (this is discouraged at my aiki dojo). Then I remembered, duh, it's a teacher training course, so everyone needs to practice teaching!

Anyway, thanks for checking in!

PS Do you have a good short description for when folks ask you "What is the Alexander Technique?". Somehow, I am still fumbling in my explanations...

Be the change you seek.
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