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Re: "Aikido and Japanese Sword" DVD by William Gleason

This video is REALLY excellent. The sword work is way above what usually passes for sword work in Aikido circles. This is very good stuff but folks looking at this video who don't already have some firm foundation in weapons work will miss many of subtleties contained here.

This will be a video you revisit over and over as your technique gets better and your understanding changes through time.I've worked through it once, just to get the overview. Now it's time to get out the trusty bokken and work through it piece by piece and see if I understand what I thought I was looking at.

Having recently bought an Aikido sword video that didn't deliver the goods, I can honestly say that this one has material for years of practice. This isn't another basics DVD, this one has real meat that will reuire some effort to digest.

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