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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

Lan Powers wrote:
New to teaching.
I have found it to be a great benefit to me, personally, in my own growth in the art.
(Slow as that may be)
The funny thing is, I am not really a teacher at all.
The class is there, the students are formed up, the art is there to be presented, but I am really another student who (for tonight) gets to set the choices of where we explore.
Sensei has given me a set-time to do this, and I guess you would call it MY class (everyone else does) but I am just a fill-in for the "real" instructor. (At least in my own mind.)
Not putting myself down, I enjoy feeling out the direction the class could go, *as mentioned many times the best laid plans go out the window when the interaction starts.

I have gotten to learn a lot this way. I can only hope the other students there with me have gained from our time as well....It can be quite humbling.
Here's hoping I don't let them down.

< I think it is difficult to understand all that our teachers give to us until we start passing it along to others.>
This quote from Bronson earlier rang very true to me.
Hi Lan,

Welcome to a new world, one where frustration and Patience go hand in hand. Prepare your self to learn, a very big lesson about yourself, by stepping out of our comfort zones this is where we truly learn. Welcome to the journey of learning.

Ponder this question

"What is the difference between a teacher and an instructor? "

I have my own opinion on what I feel the difference is, if there is one.
I wont tell you my thoughts on the question, because I don't want to fill your mind with my beliefs, and cloud yours, so I will let you come to your conclusion, then let you know mine.

If anyone else on the forum feels they would like to contribute to this question please feel free I think it is still in the same vain as the original thread.

Take care, always remember to smile and you will be rewarded with one back.

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