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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

New to teaching.
I have found it to be a great benefit to me, personally, in my own growth in the art.
(Slow as that may be)
The funny thing is, I am not really a teacher at all.
The class is there, the students are formed up, the art is there to be presented, but I am really another student who (for tonight) gets to set the choices of where we explore.
Sensei has given me a set-time to do this, and I guess you would call it MY class (everyone else does) but I am just a fill-in for the "real" instructor. (At least in my own mind.)
Not putting myself down, I enjoy feeling out the direction the class could go, *as mentioned many times the best laid plans go out the window when the interaction starts.

I have gotten to learn a lot this way. I can only hope the other students there with me have gained from our time as well....It can be quite humbling.
Here's hoping I don't let them down.

< I think it is difficult to understand all that our teachers give to us until we start passing it along to others.>
This quote from Bronson earlier rang very true to me.

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Play nice, practice hard, but remember, this is a MARTIAL art!
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