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Karl Kuhn
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Trinadad, huh? Keep us posted. Sounds like a good excuse to get to a part of the world that is not usually on my radar. Sounds like fun.

Peter (hey buddy) is spot on, per usual, as regards the Dai-Ichi and the Dai-Ni. After some investigation (pretty limited) it really seems as though they are bits being developed and culminate in the Dai-San, newly sainted as the Goshin-no-kata.

I've uked for the Dai-go, but I can't seem to recall the particulars. I will do some digging to see where I would put it.

The Dai-Roku, however, may have been designed for none-randori players but contains some fascinating weapons info. Worked it in a couple day seminar and it was a headfull. Something I look forward to revisting (it's on the docks for my clubs dan rank r&d winter project). As was noted, Loi's book and videos are the documents to get your hands on. They are of their time, but an a rich resource.

The Dai-Yon is (Nage-no-kata included) is my favorite kata right now. I highly reccomend that everyone take some time and sink their proverbial teeth in it. There lay great rewards. Really, I can't get enough of it. As an intersting aside, I thought the emphasis placed on the Nage-no-kata @ Shodokan to be very important and enlightening. That kata does not get the matt time it should in most US dojos. My guess is that this will soon change.


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