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Re: funny moments

Nick Simpson wrote:
Oh well, Excuse the fact that I was ill all weekend, including the friday night where I still took the time to turn up and teach a class. Well, the term class is a little misleading, I mean the two people who turned up! Because you all had better things to do. And forgive me the 4 classes I trained in last week and the blood that I ended up spilling in one of them. Because Im obviously lazy and never train!

I'd like to add that I wont be there tonight (due to having slept all day after work last night and the fact that I have to hand in two essays) so burn my hakama, hang up my gi, remove my name from the list of illustrius deshi. Nick Simpson is obviously dead.
aww nick i have to say i have the upmost admiration for you teaching a class whilst your were ill. lol but please no burning of hakama , i want the chance to see for my self what is under it
on a more serious note i would like to point out that if any one wishes to have ago at mr simpson will have to go through ..............[spoiler] the aiki sirens [/spoiler]

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